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Steve Benda

Steve Benda

Founder, Director of Manufacturing

Steve got involved with Delano when he started to mentor Peter and help him work through early challenges with his wood bat manufacturing process. Steve brings an engineering background and extensive experience with Total Quality Management (TQM) and process design with a 40+ year career spanning numerous industries. Steve is currently acting as advisor & consultant for 5 different businesses and holds over 50 patents in the US and Internationally.

Steve worked with Peter to develop solutions to bat warpage and moisture controls and brings his commitment to quality to the team. He’s always repping with continual thoughts around product design (and a dream for a drill press in his kitchen). He is energized by the prospects of the new bat technology and is excited to be involved in his 4th start-up enterprise.

In addition to his technical experience, Steve brings baseball passion to the team and fondly remembers his kids playing baseball/softball through High School. In one such memory, he heard his 2 sons say as they rounded the bases in the front yard, “I’ll be Kirby” and “I’ll be Puckett”. #Twinsfans

Steve enjoys “the works” on his hot dog, and was the one who taught Logan, the CEO (and Logan’s siblings) how to ride a unicycle. Baseball is a #familyaffair

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