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FZN Technology

FZN Technology Gives Hitters the Best of Both Worlds

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Maximum BBCOR specs and performance

FZN delivers MAX trampoline effect allowed by BBCOR across a HUGE sweet spot of a 2 5/8' barrel

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True wood look, feel and sound

FZN is a true wood bat that gives hitters the unrivaled feel, classic sound and clean look of a traditional stick.

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The Next Evolution in Baseball Bat Technology

FZN Technology was invented and patented by Delano Bat Company. FZN is a bat design and manufacturing process that enables the classic lumber to push up to the limit of BBCOR-allowed performance. The first of its kind!

In fact, our first attempt at BBCOR certification failed for TOO MUCH pop!

How is FZN Technology Different?

Max Performance and Durability with the Feel of Wood

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Fusing Tradition with Technology

The first alternative to the traditional wood bat gained popularity in the 1970s, about 50 years ago. It started with basic aluminum as a more durable option to wood. The market incrementally progressed in that direction through today, with aluminum or more recently, polymer composite, being primary options.

In that time, wood was slowly disregarded and never seriously considered as a material for high performing bats in the youth market. Beyond MLB, wood bats were relegated to wood bat leagues and for those that craved the classic feel, look, sound and tradition of wood. Now FZN brings you the Best of Both Worlds.

Our Heritage & Mission

Delano Bats has been in the bat business for many years. We were in the solid wood market and heard many of our loyal customers telling us they didn’t particularly like the feel or sound of their alloy or composite bats but had no other options without sacrificing performance.

We were motivated by our customers and the realization that the history and aesthetic design components of the traditional baseball bat were being completely neglected in the chase for performance. Baseball bats were still stuck in circa 1970s era thinking. There was no product in the market attempting to bridge between classic and new, so that became our mission - fuse together the history of baseball (wood) with the most modern construction materials (composites) to give hitters the benefits of both.

Without being tied to legacy techniques or technologies, and with a fresh perspective and a commitment to baseball’s heritage, we patented FZN Technology - a fusion of tradition and technology.

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The first bat in the FZN Technology Series will be a BBCOR bat called The Original Gamer (The OG). Sign up for our newsletter to get FZN insider news and product testing updates on the availability of The OG.

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